ACPI(1)                     General Commands Manual                    ACPI(1)

       acpi - Shows battery status and other ACPI information

       acpi [options]

       acpi  Shows  information from the /proc or the /sys filesystem, such as
       battery status or thermal information.

       -b | --battery
                 show battery information

       -a | --ac-adapter
                 show ac adapter information

       -t |  --thermal
                 show thermal information

       -c | --cooling
                 show cooling device information

       -V | --everything
                 show every device, overrides above options

       -s | --show-empty
                 show non-operational devices

       -i | --details
                 show additional details if available:

                 * battery capacity information

                 * temperature trip points

       -f | --fahrenheit
                 use fahrenheit as the temperature  unit  instead  of  default

       -k | --kelvin
                 use kelvin as the temperature unit instead of default celsius

       -p | --proc
                 use the old /proc interface, default is the new /sys one

       -d | --directory <dir>
                 path to ACPI info (either /proc/acpi or /sys/class)

       -h | --help
                 display help and exit

       -v | --version
                 output version information and exit

       The  original  version  of this manual page was written by Paul Telford
       <> for the Debian system. Newer additions  were  done  by
       Michael Meskes <>. Permission is granted to copy, dis-
       tribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU GPL.


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