APPROVE(1)                  General Commands Manual                 APPROVE(1)

       approve - approve a Majordomo request

       approve [filename]

       approve  automates  the  task  of  replying to an approval request from
       Majordomo.  Input is the e-mail message containing Majordomo's request,
       read from filename, or read from standard input if no filename is spec-

       approve currently understands two types of requests;  those  requesting
       subscription to a closed list, and those which bounced due to a lack of
       permission to post to a moderated, or private, mailing  list.   approve
       reads the body of the message from Majordomo to determine the appropri-
       ate action. Assuming a message containing a subscription  request  like
       the following:

          From: Majordomo@This.COM
          To: this-list-approval@This.COM

          Joe User <User@Fubar.COM> requests you approve the following:

             subscribe this-list Joe User <User@Fubar.COM>

          If  you  approve,  send  a  line  such  as  the  following to Major-

             approve PASSWD subscribe this-list Joe User <User@Fubar.COM>

       then running approve on the message by saving it in a file, e.g.,

          approve /tmp/request


          approve < /tmp/request

       will result in the following reply to Majordomo:

          To: Majordomo@This.COM

          approve PASSWD subscribe this-list User@Fubar.COM (Joe User)

       If approve is on the user's path, then it's possible to execute it  via
       a  shell escape, piping the current message to approve from a mail pro-
       gram, e.g.,


       would approve the current message in /usr/ucb/Mail.

       If, in the latter case, the "Subject:" line of the request from  Major-
       domo  is "BOUNCE <list>: <reason>", the message is treated as a posting
       rejected by resend for some reason, and is reformatted with appropriate
       "Approved:"  headers to cause it to succeed, and then it is resubmitted
       to Majordomo for posting.  This provides an easy mechanism for the mod-
       erator of a mailing list to approve postings to the list.

       approve  assumes that the approve password for each list is the same as
       the approval password used by resend, and that this password is  stored
       in a file called .majordomo in the user's home directory.  The file has
       the following format:

            this-list    passwd1   Majordomo@This.COM
            other-list   passwd2   Majordomo@Other.GOV

       The first column specifies the name of the  mailing  list,  the  second
       column  specifies the list-owner's password for the given list, and the
       third column specifies the e-mail address of the  associated  Majordomo
       server.   It is assumed that the value in the third column is an Inter-
       net-style "something@somewhere" address, and that postings  for  "List"
       should  be  sent to "List@somewhere".  Since this file only needs to be
       read by the user, it should be mode 600 to protect the passwords.



       There is no direct support for MH(1), so MH  users  will  have  to  run
       approve directly on the message file in their inbox.

       The  .majordomo  file  requires  an at-sign, "@", in the address of the
       Majordomo server, even if it colocated on the same system as the  list-

       Majordomo  and  most  of  the  ancillary perl code was written by Brent
       Chapman, <brent@GreatCircle.COM>.  This man page  was  written  by  Jim
       Duncan, <>.


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