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       clang-include-fixer - manual page for clang-include-fixer 3.9

       ERROR:  object  '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be
       preloaded  (cannot  open  shared   object   file):   ignored.    USAGE:
       clang-include-fixer [subcommand] [options] <source0> [... <sourceN>]


       Generic Options:

       -help                       -  Display  available options (-help-hidden
              for more)

       -help-list                  -  Display  list   of   available   options
              (-help-list-hidden for more)

       -version                   - Display the version of this program

       Tool options:

       -db                        - Specify input format

              -   Hard-coded mapping

       =yaml  -   Yaml database created by find-all-symbols

       -extra-arg=<string>         - Additional argument to append to the com-
              piler command line

       -extra-arg-before=<string> - Additional argument to prepend to the com-
              piler command line

       -input=<string>            - String to initialize the database

       -insert-header=<string>     - Insert a specific header. This should run
       with STDIN mode.
              The result is written to stdout. It is currently used for editor
              integration. Support YAML/JSON format:

              SymbolIdentifier:  foo, Range: {Offset: 0, Length: 3}, HeaderIn-
              fos: [ {Headers: "\"foo_a.h\"",

              QualifiedName: "a::foo"} ]}"

       -minimize-paths            - Whether to minimize added include paths

       -output-headers            - Print the symbol being queried and all its
       relevant headers in
              JSON format to stdout:

       {      "SymbolIdentifier":  "foo",  "Range": {"Offset":0, "Length": 3},
              "HeaderInfos": [ {"Header": "\"foo_a.h\"",

       "QualifiedName": "a::foo"} ]

       -p=<string>                - Build path

       -q                         - Reduce terminal output

       -stdin                     - Override source  file's  content  (in  the
              virtual file system) with input from <stdin> and run the tool on
              the new content with the compilation options of the source file.
              This mode is currently used for editor integration.

       -style=<string>             -  Fallback  style  for  reformatting after
              inserting new headers if there is no  clang-format  config  file

clang-include-fixer 3.9            June 2017            CLANG-INCLUDE-FIXER(1)

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