DB5.1_PRINTLOG(1)           General Commands Manual          DB5.1_PRINTLOG(1)

       db5.1_printlog - Dumps Berkeley DB log files in a human-readable format

       db5.1_printlog  [-NrV] [-b start-LSN] [-e stop-LSN] [-h home] [-P pass-

       The db5.1_printlog utility is a debugging utility that  dumps  Berkeley
       DB log files in a human-readable format.

       -b     Display log records starting at log sequence number (LSN) start-
              LSN; start-LSN is specified as a  file  number,  followed  by  a
              slash  (/)  character,  followed  by  an  offset number, with no
              intervening whitespace.

       -e     Stop displaying log records at log sequence number  (LSN)  stop-
              LSN; stop-LSN is specified as a file number, followed by a slash
              (/) character, followed by an offset number, with no intervening

       -h     Specify  a  home  directory  for  the  database  environment; by
              default, the current working directory is used.

       -N     Do not acquire shared region mutexes while running.  Other prob-
              lems,  such  as potentially fatal errors in Berkeley DB, will be
              ignored as well.  This option is  intended  only  for  debugging
              errors, and should not be used under any other circumstances.

       -P     Specify an environment password.  Although Berkeley DB utilities
              overwrite password strings as soon as possible, be  aware  there
              may  be  a window of vulnerability on systems where unprivileged
              users can see command-line arguments or where utilities are  not
              able  to  overwrite the memory containing the command-line argu-

       -r     Read the log files in reverse order.

       -V     Write the library version number to  the  standard  output,  and

       The db5.1_printlog utility uses a Berkeley DB environment (as described
       for the -h option, the environment variable  DB_HOME,  or  because  the
       utility  was  run in a directory containing a Berkeley DB environment).
       In order to avoid environment corruption when using a Berkeley DB envi-
       ronment,  db5.1_printlog  should  always  be given the chance to detach
       from the environment and exit gracefully.  To cause  db5.1_printlog  to
       release  all  environment resources and exit cleanly, send it an inter-
       rupt signal (SIGINT).

       The db5.1_printlog utility exits 0 on  success,  and  >0  if  an  error

              If  the  -h option is not specified and the environment variable
              DB_HOME is set, it is used as the path of the database home,  as
              described in DB_ENV->open.

       Sleepycat Software, Inc. This manual page was created based on the HTML
       documentation  for  db_printlog  from  Sleepycat,  by  Thijs  Kinkhorst
       <thijs@kinkhorst.com>,  for  the Debian system (but may be used by oth-

                                28 January 2005              DB5.1_PRINTLOG(1)

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