DEB-SYSTEMD-INVOKE(1p)        init-system-helpers       DEB-SYSTEMD-INVOKE(1p)

       deb-systemd-invoke - wrapper around systemctl, respecting policy-rc.d

       deb-systemd-invoke start|stop|restart unitfile...

       deb-systemd-invoke is a Debian-specific helper script which asks
       /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d before performing a systemctl call.

       deb-systemd-invoke is intended to be used from maintscripts to start
       systemd unit files. It is specifically NOT intended to be used
       interactively by users. Instead, users should run systemd and use
       systemctl, or not bother about the systemd enabled state in case they
       are not running systemd.

1.56+nmu1                         2018-12-03            DEB-SYSTEMD-INVOKE(1p)

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