ERB(1)                 Ruby Programmer's Reference Guide                ERB(1)

     erb -- Ruby Templating

     erb [--version] [-UPdnvx] [-E ext[:int]] [-S level] [-T mode]
         [-r library] [--] [file ...]

     erb is a command line front-end for ERB library, which is an implementa-
     tion of eRuby.

     ERB provides an easy to use but powerful templating system for Ruby.  Us-
     ing ERB, actual Ruby code can be added to any plain text document for the
     purposes of generating document information details and/or flow control.

     erb is a part of Ruby.

     --version      Prints the version of erb.

     -E external[:internal]
     --encoding external[:internal]
                    Specifies the default value(s) for external encodings and
                    internal encoding. Values should be separated with colon

                    You can omit the one for internal encodings, then the
                    value (Encoding.default_internal) will be nil.

     -P             Evaluates lines starting with % as Ruby code and removes
                    the tailing EOLs.

     -S level       Specifies the safe level in which eRuby script will run.

     -T mode        Specifies trim mode (default 0).  mode can be one of

                          0       EOL remains after the embedded ruby script
                                  is evaluated.

                          1       EOL is removed if the line ends with %>.

                          2       EOL is removed if the line starts with <%
                                  and ends with %>.

                          -       EOL is removed if the line ends with -%>.
                                  And leading whitespaces are removed if the
                                  erb directive starts with <%-.

     -r             Load a library

     -U             can be one of Sets the default value for internal encod-
                    ings (Encoding.default_internal) to UTF-8.

     --debug        Turns on debug mode.  $DEBUG will be set to true.

     --help         Prints a summary of the options.

     -n             Used with -x.  Prepends the line number to each line in
                    the output.

     -v             Enables verbose mode.  $VERBOSE will be set to true.

     -x             Converts the eRuby script into Ruby script and prints it
                    without line numbers.

     Here is an eRuby script

           <?xml version="1.0" ?>
           <% require 'prime' -%>
             <calc><%= 1+1 %></calc>
             <var><%= __FILE__ %></var>
             <library><%= Prime.each(10).to_a.join(", ") %></library>

           % erb -T - example.erb

           <?xml version="1.0" ?>
             <library>2, 3, 5, 7</library>


     And see ri(1) documentation for ERB class.

     o   Security vulnerabilities should be reported via an email to  Reported problems will be published after
         being fixed.

     o   Other bugs and feature requests can be reported via the Ruby Issue
         Tracking System ( Do not report security
         vulnerabilities via this system because it publishes the vulnerabili-
         ties immediately.

     Written by Masatoshi SEKI.

UNIX                           November 15, 2012                          UNIX

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