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       llvm-link - LLVM bitcode linker

       llvm-link [options] filename ...

       llvm-link takes several LLVM bitcode files and links them together into
       a single LLVM bitcode file.  It writes the output file to standard out-
       put, unless the -o option is used to specify a filename.

       -f     Enable  binary  output  on  terminals.  Normally, llvm-link will
              refuse to write raw bitcode output if the  output  stream  is  a
              terminal.  With  this  option,  llvm-link will write raw bitcode
              regardless of the output device.

       -o filename
              Specify  the  output  file  name.   If  filename  is  "-",  then
              llvm-link will write its output to standard output.

       -S     Write output in LLVM intermediate language (instead of bitcode).

       -d     If  specified,  llvm-link prints a human-readable version of the
              output bitcode file to standard error.

       -help  Print a summary of command line options.

       -v     Verbose mode.  Print information about what llvm-link is  doing.
              This  typically  includes a message for each bitcode file linked
              in and for each library found.

       If llvm-link succeeds, it will exit with 0.   Otherwise,  if  an  error
       occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.

       Maintained by The LLVM Team (http://llvm.org/).

       2003-2016, LLVM Project

3.5                               2016-10-07                      LLVM-LINK(1)

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