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       llvm-ranlib - manual page for llvm-ranlib 3.7

       ERROR:  ld.so:  object  'libfakeroot-sysv.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be
       preloaded (cannot open shared object file):  ignored.   OVERVIEW:  LLVM
       Archiver (llvm-ar)

              This program archives bitcode files into single libraries

       USAGE:  llvm-ranlib  [options]  [relpos]  [count]  <archive-file> [mem-


       General options:

       -M                                              -

       -aarch64-neon-syntax                            - Choose style of  NEON
              code to emit from AArch64 backend:

              -   Emit generic NEON assembly

       =apple -   Emit Apple-style NEON assembly

       -bounds-checking-single-trap                     -  Use  one trap block
              per function

       -color                                          -  use  colored  syntax
              highlighting (default=autodetect)

       -cppfname=<function  name>                        - Specify the name of
              the generated function

       -cppfor=<string>                                - Specify the  name  of
              the thing to generate

       -cppgen                                          -  Choose what kind of
              output to generate

              -   Generate a complete program

              -   Generate a module definition

              -   Generate contents of a module

              -   Generate a function definition

              -   Generate all function definitions

              -   Generate an inline function

              -   Generate a variable definition

       =type  -   Generate a type definition

       -disable-spill-fusing                            -  Disable  fusing  of
              spill code into instructions

       -enable-implicit-null-checks                    - Fold null checks into
              faulting memory operations

       -enable-load-pre                                -

       -enable-objc-arc-opts                            -  enable/disable  all
              ARC Optimizations

       -enable-scoped-noalias                          -

       -enable-tbaa                                    -

       -exhaustive-register-search                     - Exhaustive Search for
              registers bypassing the depth and interference cutoffs  of  last
              chance recoloring

       -format                                          -  Archive  format  to

              -   default

       =gnu   -   gnu

       =bsd   -   bsd

       -gpsize=<uint>                                    -   Global    Pointer
       Addressing Size.
              The default size is 8.

       -imp-null-check-page-size=<uint>                 - The page size of the
              target in bytes

       -internalize-public-api-file=<filename>          -  A  file  containing
              list of symbol names to preserve

       -internalize-public-api-list=<list>              -  A  list  of  symbol
              names to preserve

       -join-liveintervals                               -   Coalesce   copies

       -limit-float-precision=<uint>                    -  Generate low-preci-
              sion inline sequences for some float libcalls

       -mips16-constant-islands                        -  Enable  mips16  con-
              stant islands.

       -mips16-hard-float                               -  Enable  mips16 hard

       -mno-ldc1-sdc1                                  - Expand double  preci-
              sion loads and stores to their single precision counterparts

       -no-discriminators                              - Disable generation of
              discriminator information.

       -nvptx-sched4reg                                  -   NVPTX   Specific:
              schedule for register pressue

       -print-after-all                                 -  Print IR after each

       -print-before-all                               - Print IR before  each

       -print-machineinstrs=<pass-name>                - Print machine instrs

       -regalloc                                       - Register allocator to

              -   pick register allocator based on -O option

       =basic -   basic register allocator

       =fast  -   fast register allocator

              -   greedy register allocator

       =pbqp  -   PBQP register allocator

       -rewrite-map-file=<filename>                    - Symbol Rewrite Map

       -rng-seed=<seed>                                - Seed for  the  random
              number generator

       -sample-profile-max-propagate-iterations=<uint>  -  Maximum  number  of
              iterations to go  through  when  propagating  sample  block/edge
              weights through the CFG.

       -stackmap-version=<int>                          - Specify the stackmap
              encoding version (default = 1)

       -stats                                           -  Enable   statistics
              output from program (available with Asserts)

       -time-passes                                      -   Time  each  pass,
              printing elapsed time for each on exit

       -verify-debug-info                              -

       -verify-dom-info                                - Verify dominator info
              (time consuming)

       -verify-loop-info                                 -  Verify  loop  info
              (time consuming)

       -verify-regalloc                                - Verify during  regis-
              ter allocation

       -verify-region-info                              -  Verify  region info
              (time consuming)

       -verify-scev                                    -  Verify  ScalarEvolu-
              tion's backedge taken counts (slow)

       -x86-asm-syntax                                  - Choose style of code
              to emit from X86 backend:

       =att   -   Emit AT&T-style assembly

       =intel -   Emit Intel-style assembly

       Generic Options:

       -help                                            -  Display   available
              options (-help-hidden for more)

       -help-list                                        -   Display  list  of
              available options (-help-list-hidden for more)

       -version                                        - Display  the  version
              of this program

       d[NsS] - delete file(s) from the archive

              - move file(s) in the archive

       p[kN]  - print file(s) found in the archive

              - quick append file(s) to the archive

              - replace or insert file(s) into the archive

       t      - display contents of archive

       x[No]  - extract file(s) from the archive

   MODIFIERS (operation specific):
              [a]  - put file(s) after [relpos] [b] - put file(s) before [rel-
              pos] (same as [i]) [i] - put file(s) before  [relpos]  (same  as
              [b]) [o] - preserve original dates [s] - create an archive index
              (cf. ranlib) [S] - do not build a symbol table [u] - update only
              files newer than archive contents

   MODIFIERS (generic):
              [c] - do not warn if the library had to be created [v] - be ver-
              bose about actions taken

       The full documentation for llvm-ranlib is maintained as a Texinfo  man-
       ual.   If  the  info and llvm-ranlib programs are properly installed at
       your site, the command

              info llvm-ranlib

       should give you access to the complete manual.

llvm-ranlib 3.7                   March 2016                    LLVM-RANLIB(1)

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