PYSETUP3.3(1)                    User Commands                   PYSETUP3.3(1)

       pysetup3.3 - pysetup tool

       pysetup [options] action [action_options]

              run:  Run one or several commands metadata: Display the metadata
              of a project install: Install a project remove: Remove a project
              search: Search for a project in the indexes list: List installed
              projects graph: Display a graph create: Create a project  gener-
              ate-setup: Generate a backward-compatible

       To get more help on an action, use:

              pysetup action --help

   Global options:
       --verbose (-v)
              run verbosely (default)

       --quiet (-q)
              run quietly (turns verbosity off)

       --dry-run (-n)
              don't actually do anything

       --help (-h)
              show detailed help message

              ignore pydistutils.cfg in your home directory

              Display the version

pysetup3.3 3.3                   January 2012                    PYSETUP3.3(1)

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