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       sancov - manual page for sancov 4.0

       OVERVIEW:  Sanitizer  Coverage  Processing Tool USAGE: sancov [options]
       (<binary file>|<.sancov file>)...


       General options:

       -aarch64-neon-syntax                            - Choose style of  NEON
              code to emit from AArch64 backend:

              -   Emit generic NEON assembly

       =apple -   Emit Apple-style NEON assembly

       -amdgpu-dump-rtmd                                -  Dump AMDGPU runtime

       -amdgpu-spill-sgpr-to-smem                      - Use scalar stores  to
              spill SGPRs if supported by subtarget

       -amdgpu-vgpr-index-mode                         - Use GPR indexing mode
              instead of movrel for vector indexing

       -arm-execute-only                               -

       -arm-implicit-it                                 -  Allow   conditional
              instructions outdside of an IT block

              -   Accept in both ISAs, emit implicit ITs in Thumb

       =never -   Warn in ARM, reject in Thumb

       =arm   -   Accept in ARM, reject in Thumb

       =thumb -   Warn in ARM, emit implicit ITs in Thumb

       -blacklist=<string>                             - Blacklist file (sani-
              tizer blacklist format).

       -bounds-checking-single-trap                    - Use  one  trap  block
              per function

       -color                                           -  use  colored syntax
              highlighting (default=autodetect)

              Action (required)

       -print                                           -    Print    coverage

       -print-coverage-pcs                            - Print coverage instru-
              mentation points addresses.

       -covered-functions                            - Print all covered  fun-

       -not-covered-functions                         -  Print all not covered

       -print-coverage-stats                         - Print coverage  statis-

       -html-report                                  - REMOVED. Use -symbolize

       -symbolize                                    - Produces  a  symbolized
              JSON report from binary report.

       -merge                                        - Merges reports.

       -cvp-dont-process-adds                          -

       -demangle                                       - Print demangled func-
              tion name.

       -disable-spill-fusing                            -  Disable  fusing  of
              spill code into instructions

       -enable-implicit-null-checks                    - Fold null checks into
              faulting memory operations

       -enable-load-pre                                -

       -enable-name-compression                        -  Enable  name  string

       -enable-objc-arc-opts                            -  enable/disable  all
              ARC Optimizations

       -enable-scoped-noalias                          -

       -enable-tbaa                                    -

       -exhaustive-register-search                     - Exhaustive Search for
              registers  bypassing  the depth and interference cutoffs of last
              chance recoloring

       -expensive-combines                              -   Enable   expensive
              instruction combines

       -filter-print-funcs=<function  names>             -  Only  print IR for
              functions     whose     name     match     this     for      all
              print-[before|after][-all] options

       -gpsize=<uint>                                     -   Global   Pointer
       Addressing Size.
              The default size is 8.

       -hash-based-counter-split                       - Rename counter  vari-
              able of a comdat function based on cfg hash

       -ignore-empty-index-file                        - Ignore an empty index
              file and perform non-ThinLTO compilation

       -imp-null-check-page-size=<int>                 - The page size of  the
              target in bytes

       -imp-null-max-insts-to-consider=<uint>           -  The  max  number of
              instructions to consider hoisting loads over (the  algorithm  is
              quadratic over this number)

       -internalize-public-api-file=<filename>          -  A  file  containing
              list of symbol names to preserve

       -internalize-public-api-list=<list>              -  A  list  of  symbol
              names to preserve

       -join-liveintervals                               -   Coalesce   copies

       -limit-float-precision=<uint>                   -  Generate  low-preci-
              sion inline sequences for some float libcalls

       -lto-pass-remarks-output=<filename>              -  Output filename for
              pass remarks

       -merror-missing-parenthesis                      -  Error  for  missing
              parenthesis around predicate registers

       -merror-noncontigious-register                   -  Error  for register
              names that aren't contigious

       -mfuture-regs                                   - Enable future  regis-

       -mips-compact-branches                           -  MIPS Specific: Com-
              pact branch policy.

              -   Do not use compact branches if possible.

              -   Use compact branches where appropiate (default).

              -   Always use compact branches if possible.

       -mips16-constant-islands                        -  Enable  mips16  con-
              stant islands.

       -mips16-hard-float                               -  Enable  mips16 hard

       -mno-compound                                   - Disable  looking  for
              compound instructions for Hexagon

       -mno-fixup                                       -  Disable  fixing  up
              resolved relocations for Hexagon

       -mno-ldc1-sdc1                                  - Expand double  preci-
              sion loads and stores to their single precision counterparts

       -mno-pairing                                     -  Disable looking for
              duplex instructions for Hexagon

       -mwarn-missing-parenthesis                       -  Warn  for   missing
              parenthesis around predicate registers

       -mwarn-noncontigious-register                    -  Warn  for  register
              names that arent contigious

       -mwarn-sign-mismatch                            - Warn for  mismatching
              a signed and unsigned value

       -no-discriminators                              - Disable generation of
              discriminator information.

       -nvptx-sched4reg                                  -   NVPTX   Specific:
              schedule for register pressue

       -print-after-all                                 -  Print IR after each

       -print-before-all                               - Print IR before  each

       -print-machineinstrs=<pass-name>                - Print machine instrs

       -r600-ir-structurize                            - Use StructurizeCFG IR

       -rdf-dump                                       -

       -rdf-limit=<uint>                               -

       -regalloc                                       - Register allocator to

              -   pick register allocator based on -O option

       =pbqp  -   PBQP register allocator

              -   greedy register allocator

       =fast  -   fast register allocator

       =basic -   basic register allocator

       -rewrite-map-file=<filename>                    - Symbol Rewrite Map

       -rng-seed=<seed>                                 -  Seed for the random
              number generator

       -sample-profile-check-record-coverage=<N>       -  Emit  a  warning  if
              less  than N% of records in the input profile are matched to the

       -sample-profile-check-sample-coverage=<N>       -  Emit  a  warning  if
              less  than N% of samples in the input profile are matched to the

       -sample-profile-inline-hot-threshold=<N>         -  Inlined   functions
              that  account  for  more than N% of all samples collected in the
              parent function, will be inlined again.

       -sample-profile-max-propagate-iterations=<uint>  -  Maximum  number  of
              iterations  to  go  through  when  propagating sample block/edge
              weights through the CFG.

       -skip-dead-files                                 -  Do  not  list  dead
              source files in reports.

       -stackmap-version=<int>                          - Specify the stackmap
              encoding version (default = 2)

       -static-func-full-module-prefix                 - Use full module build
              paths in the profile counter names for static functions.

       -stats                                            -  Enable  statistics
              output from program (available with Asserts)

       -stats-json                                     - Display statistics as
              json data

       -strip_path_prefix=<string>                      -  Strip  this  prefix
              from file paths in reports.

       -summary-file=<string>                          - The summary  file  to
              use for function importing.

       -threads=<int>                                  -

       -time-passes                                      -   Time  each  pass,
              printing elapsed time for each on exit

       -verify-debug-info                              -

       -verify-dom-info                                - Verify dominator info
              (time consuming)

       -verify-loop-info                                 -  Verify  loop  info
              (time consuming)

       -verify-loop-lcssa                               -  Verify  loop  lcssa
              form (time consuming)

       -verify-machine-dom-info                         - Verify machine domi-
              nator info (time consuming)

       -verify-regalloc                                - Verify during  regis-
              ter allocation

       -verify-region-info                              -  Verify  region info
              (time consuming)

       -verify-scev                                    -  Verify  ScalarEvolu-
              tion's backedge taken counts (slow)

       -verify-scev-maps                                -  Verify  no dangling
              value in ScalarEvolution's ExprValueMap (slow)

       -vp-counters-per-site=<number>                  - The average number of
              profile counters allocated per value profiling site.

       -vp-static-alloc                                 -  Do  static  counter
              allocation for value profiler

       -x86-asm-syntax                                 - Choose style of  code
              to emit from X86 backend:

       =att   -   Emit AT&T-style assembly

       =intel -   Emit Intel-style assembly

       Generic Options:

       -help                                             -  Display  available
              options (-help-hidden for more)

       -help-list                                       -  Display   list   of
              available options (-help-list-hidden for more)

       -version                                         -  Display the version
              of this program

       The full documentation for sancov is maintained as  a  Texinfo  manual.
       If  the  info  and sancov programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

              info sancov

       should give you access to the complete manual.

sancov 4.0                       October 2017                        SANCOV(1)

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