OVERVIEW.CTL(5)                                                OVERVIEW.CTL(5)

       overview.ctl - configuration file for unified overview

       The  file  <pathetc  in inn.conf> is required if the new storage API is
       used on machines running nnrpd(8).  Optional on feed-only machines.  If
       the  file  does  not exist or is empty, no overview information will be
       written by innd(8).

       The traditional overview database was written by  an  external  program
       overchan(8),  but  with  the  unified  overview,  this  is  now done by
       innd(8).  This is because the overview offset is written into a  token,
       which is stored as the 3rd field of each history(5) entry.  Overchan(5)
       is still needed to store the overview index and will require  an  entry
       in  the  newsfeeds(5)  file.  If the overview index is not created, the
       articles will not be available through nnrpd(8).

       Overview entries are now expired with the normal expire(8) program  and
       the overview index is expired with expireindex(8)

       The file consists of a series of lines; blank lines and lines beginning
       with a number sign (``#'') are ignored.  The order  of  lines  in  this
       file is important.

       Each line is formatted as:


       The  ``index_number''  is a number >= 0 and <255 and ``wildmat'' refers
       to a newsgroup pattern that will be parsed with  wildmat(3).   Matching
       newsgroup  is  against  newsgroup  name in ``Xref'' header, not ``News-
       groups'' header.  ``!'' and ``@'' are allowed at the start of the wild-
       mat and refer to pattern exclusions. See newsfeeds(5) for a description
       of their use.  The ``wildmat''  is  matched  in  order.   There  is  no
       default  ``wildmat'' pattern, so specified ``wildmat'' is only used for

       If a newsgroup matches wildmat pattern,  overview  data  is  stored  in
       <pathoverview in inn.conf>/index_number/overview.   Note  that the file
       is interpreted in order and first match line is used to store  overview

       If  a  newsgroup  does  not  match  any wildmat pattern in any line, no
       overview data is stored for it and no articles can be retrieved from it
       for reading.

       If  the  file  is  changed, it can be reloaded into INN using ``ctlinnd
       reload overview.ctl reason'' (see ctlinnd(8)).

       Written by Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou@nec.co.jp> for InterNetNews.   This
       is revision, dated 1999/06/12.

       ctlinnd(8),   expire(8),  expireindex(8),  expireover(8),  inn.conf(5),
       innd(8), history(5), newsfeeds(5), nnrpd(8), overchan(8), wildmat(3).


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