SYNC_MEMBERS(8)             System Manager's Manual            SYNC_MEMBERS(8)

       sync_members  -  Synchronize a Mailman mailing list's membership with a
       flat file.

       sync_members [options] -f file listname

       This script is useful if you have a Mailman mailing list and a sendmail
       :include:  style list of addresses (also as is used in Majordomo).  For
       every address in the file that does not appear in the mailing list, the
       address  is added.  For every address in the mailing list that does not
       appear in the file, the address is removed.  Other options control what
       happens when an address is added or removed.

       -n, --no-change
              Don't  actually make the changes.  Instead, print out what would
              be done to the list.

       -w={ yes | no }, --welcome-msg={ yes | no }
              Sets whether or not to send the newly added  members  a  welcome
              message,  overriding whatever the list's `send_welcome_msg' set-
              ting is.  With -w=yes or -w, the welcome message is sent.   With
              -w=no, no message is sent.

       -g={ yes | no }, --goodbye-msg={ yes | no }
              Sets  whether or not to send the goodbye message to removed mem-
              bers, overriding whatever the list's `send_goodbye_msg'  setting
              is.   With  -g=yes  or  -g,  the  goodbye message is sent.  With
              -g=no, no message is sent.

       -d={ yes | no }, --digest={ yes | no }
              Selects whether to make newly added members receive messages  in
              digests.   With  -d=yes or -d, they become digest members.  With
              -d=no (or if no -d option given) they are added as regular  mem-

       -a={ yes | no }, --notifyadmin={ yes | no }
              Specifies  whether  the  admin  should be notified for each sub-
              scription or unsubscription.  If you're  adding  a  lot  of  ad-
              dresses,  you  definitely want to turn this off!  With -a=yes or
              -a, the admin is notified.  With -a=no, the admin is  not  noti-
              fied.  With no -a option, the default for the list is used.

       -f=filename, --file=filename
              This option is required.  It specifies the flat file to synchro-
              nize against.  Email addresses must appear  one  per  line.   If
              filename is `-' then stdin is used.

       -h, --help
              Print a small help text and exit.

       listname specifies the list to synchronize.

       Author  of  Mailman  is the Mailman Cabal, see for
       information. This manpage is written by  Tollef  Fog  Heen  <tfheen@de-> for Debian, but may be used by others.

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                                  2007-07-14                   SYNC_MEMBERS(8)

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